Australian Outback Spectacular

Outback Spectacular Show – High Country Legends by Anne

We arrived at the show in good time and were able to enjoy a drink of really good wine while being entertained by Dean Johnson – I must say that he did Garth Brooks as well as the master himself. An incredible voice and all round talent.

We wandered over to see the horses stabled at the rear of the building and became engaged in very pleasant conversation with a young rider by the name of Lachlan. He was only too happy to provide a great deal of very interesting back ground information on the horses; the show and himself.

Once inside, we were seated by polite staff and were only there a very short time before we were served with delicious pumpkin soup followed by an amazingly tender steak and rounded out by a wonderful apple pie. All of the food was served in a timely manner, came steaming hot and was complimented by a selection of drinks which were topped up as required.

The show itself was hauntingly beautiful with amazing effects; fabulous horsemanship and was a stunning tribute to our wonderful high country heritage. As having ridden in the high country myself for many years, I can vouch for the authenticity and accuracy of the content. I especially loved the real video of the high country when the riders disappeared from the arena and continued on their journey on the big screen. It captured the amazing beauty of our high country and brought back some precious memories.

The show also included a great deal of audience interaction and some participation which brought the reality from the arena to the spectators so that you felt as if you were an important part of it.

This show is a high quality event and is on a par with its predecessors in terms of entertainment value; production; content; effects; great food and efficient and pleasant staff. I would go again and again.

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